“I believe in myself more. I am not always getting mad. ”

Youth studies

Teachers and counselors have established a role for meditation and yoga practices in K-12 schools. Studies have revealed that mindfulness programs have improved mind-body awareness and physical and emotional well-being at many ages, including the critical adolescent years.

Mindfulness strategies have also helped youth in high-risk communities in dealing with stress and increasing self-control and self-esteem. As curriculums continue to expand, the inclusion of resilience-based programs, will enable adolescents to have more access to strategies to manage stress and anger management as well as enhance their sense of self and help individuals build strong communities.

84 %

Of youth evaluated at juvenile
detention center demonstrated
increased resilience

80 %

Of youth find the guided relaxation
to be the most helpful

89 %

Of youth evaluated at a
school-based yoga program
noticed positive changes in

School Outcomes

Providing yoga in a school-based context may be an effective way to help students develop self-regulation, mind-body awareness with physical fitness, which in turn might positive student outcomes such as improved behaviors, mental states, health & performance. (source)

Reports from school counselors indicate that yoga is a viable and valuable tool to include in a comprehensive school counseling program. Mindfulness-based yoga continues to grow as counselors are major stakeholders in the development, implementation, and evaluation process. (source)

Students Outcomes

Students who participated in a Transformative Life Skills program demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, global psychological distress, rumination, intrusive thoughts, as well as physical and emotional arousal. (source)

Adolescents who were exposed to yoga programs were less likely to use substances and showed improvements in emotional self-control. (source)

Yoga can increase emotion regulation capacities of middle adolescents and provide benefits beyond that of physical education alone. (source)

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