We commit to you that we will carry out our values off the page and into the world.

Vision + Values

At Transformation Yoga Project, we acknowledge that meaningful work is done when it is driven by values that are integrated and acted upon through every aspect of an organization.

Each of the values listed below are interconnected and aim to articulate the deep and profound potential of the service work that we are honored to engage with.

Radical Imagination

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We believe in people.

We believe in the unlimited capacity of individuals and the radical possibilities of community.

We envision liberation, justice, and compassion for each of us and all of us together.


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We recognize service as distinct from helping or fixing. We share knowledge, information, and resources so people may create their own healing, transformation, empowerment, and well-being.

We design and share these resources and support with the utmost care and consistency to build balanced partnerships.

Our service is rooted in yogic principles of non-harm, interconnectedness, and liberation. We acknowledge that these practices provide a framework for greater equity and inclusion for all beings.

Conscious Relationship

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We believe that humility is essential to understanding, meaningful connection, and mutuality.

We recognize that there are individual and structural forces that impact the way we each move through the world.

We recognize that to truly be trauma-sensitive, as an organization we must seek to educate ourselves about the root causes of harm including complex historical and systemic issues like racism, poverty, violence, patriarchy, and other forms of oppression.

We value a process of lifelong learning.

Access & Inclusion

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We believe that all people deserve equitable access to tools to support their holistic wellbeing including their physical, emotional, and mental health. We acknowledge that access alone is not enough to support health: both individual and communal needs must be taken into account to provide inclusive and equitable access to wellness.

We recognize the power of language to be either limiting or liberatory and seek to speak with truth, care and thoughtfulness to honor others.


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We believe in the responsible use of all of our resources.

We believe that people are our most precious organizational resource and strive toward a person-centered model of sustainability.

We seek to provide a continuum of care through long-term partnerships and access to support, knowledge, and tools for all community members including our participants, our donors, our team, our partners, and others.

We are committed to an ongoing practice of patience and non-attachment.


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We are accountable to each other in community.

Our thoughts, words and actions matter, and the impact of our actions outweighs our intention. Where there is a disconnect between our impact and intentions, we seek to be held accountable and to own and rectify our mistakes.

We believe in the importance of listening. We value the feedback and input of our participants, partners, and our broader community.

Community & Collaboration

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We believe that community includes all of us – without exception or exclusion- and that connection makes us stronger.

We believe that collaboration is vital in order to achieve collective liberation – we all have a role to play. Our work is just one piece of a larger tapestry of efforts toward liberation, wellness, and wholeness for all beings.

We serve in order to fulfill our role in creating a world in which all beings, everywhere, can experience joy, health and freedom of self. We practice so that our own thoughts, words and actions contribute to that joy, health, and freedom for all.