Mass incarceration is an issue that impacts all of us, though not all of our lives are at stake. The challenges are dramatically disproportionate across race, gender identity, and class. Pennsylvania’s incarceration rates stand out internationally. Today there are more than 96,000 behind bars and nearly 300,000 people on probation or parole in PA. People of color make up 37% of the U.S. population but 67% of the prison population, and 1 in 3 black men will serve time in jail at some point in their life.

TYP’s Justice & Reentry Services offer much more than just yoga programs within. They help to transcend the barriers that prisons and jails create in so many ways and instead offer a radical space to be in community.

We provide healing alternatives to the effects of mass incarceration on the individual, communal and systemic levels. We envision a healed world where all people can discover the tools to heal from trauma and access to necessary resources to create a meaningful impact in their communities.

Healing Resources in a Defective System

Our justice system doesn’t serve us. And yet, we at TYP, apply radical imagination to envision liberation, justice, and compassion for each of us and all of us together.

From weekly classes within the Philadelphia Department of Prisons to our 200-hour Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Trainings at State Correctional Institutions, TYP programs are opportunities to share knowledge, information, and resources so people may create their own healing, transformation, empowerment, and well-being.

In June, TYP completed its third 200-hour Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at State Correctional Institute – Phoenix. These 21 men now can lead mindfulness and yoga programs inside justice facilities as well as have a certification to reenter society. These YTT cohorts are just one example of justice programs offered to those who are incarcerated to transform themselves as well as the communities around them.

How has community shown up for you?
Through unconditional Love.

– James “Black” Green, YTT Graduate

After completing the training we formed the Justice Advisory Committee, which includes folks directly impacted on the inside and people from the community. The JAC was created to formally establish (organizationally) a commitment to community leadership that transcends systemic barriers,  accountability, and an acknowledgment that those most directly impacted by the issue of mass incarceration hold the best solutions. This committee meets quarterly to influence justice programming and trainings, create together, and build community.

Personal Missions included:

  • Collective Liberation
  • Encouraging people to see the best in themselves
  • Promoting peace
  • Self learning and evolution
  • Inquiry and rewriting your own narrative
  • Sharing practices that have deep impact in our own lives
  • Facilitating people into their full power
Elevating partners and organizations

We are so grateful to be in community with people and organizations that are living intentionally, creating a tomorrow that is rooted in their purpose today. Here are some organizations TYP is proud to work alongside in creating a more liberated, accepting society:

As part of a greater resourceful whole, providing trauma-sensitive and reentry tools to those impacted by the justice system is inspiring. However, we as a society still have strides to make in serving individuals, communities, and systems that are impacted by the legal system.

When we hold each other accountable to ways that promote healing in every aspect of our lives — how we speak, move, spend money, share, learn, take care of each other, rest, act — we can create the world we all deserve.

Consider how giving a donation creates a ripple effect – by extending love and support to others and programming that a driven by connection and healing, liberation and justice. Part of the money raised during our Annual Appeal will go to fund a Yoga Teacher Training in 2020!

Kicking off our Annual Campaign, we are campaigning and bringing awareness to our Justice programs and the people we serve within and throughout them. As we look step closer to our goal of $50,000, please consider making a consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation today!