We are so grateful as we prepare to offer another teacher training in 2020.

This training will be held at the State Correctional Institution at Chester and will be a cohort of community members living both within PA State Correctional institutions and in our broader communities.

We are seeking committed, justice-oriented individuals who are looking to deepen their connection to self and community. More information to apply will be available soon. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please email justice@transformationyogaproject.org.

This training will be offered sliding scale with a limited number of full scholarships available. We hope that, if this speaks to you and your vision of a liberated world, you consider joining us. 

We love this program, we love our people, and we believe that love is powerful enough to change the course of our present and future. We know that this love is the messiness of joy and heartache. The love that builds a strong foundation to support us as we actively create the world we all deserve. 

Our teacher trainings are grounded in circle and community, centered around making yogic practices accessible, and are an invitation to embodiment, imagination, and connection. We strive to honor the history of yogic practices and support each individual in exploring how they can best integrate liberatory practices into their lives and facilitate this exploration in the lives of others. 

Speaking into being joy, peace, health, and freedom of self for all beings everyone.