“The instructor has helped me connect my mind with my body… I’ve always lived in my mind while I abused my body. Yoga is a huge part of my recovery and has given me the strength to work through my demons.”

Recovery studies

When paired with traditional recovery programs, mindfulness and yoga programs have shown positive treatment effects for substance use disorders and rehabilitation. By increasing self-control and decreasing cravings and depression, combined programs that include elements of yoga and mindfulness have helped support recovery more than those using only traditional rehab methods.

84 %

Of participants evaluated felt more
relaxed immediately after a group


People have participated in our yoga
groups since 2014

84 %

Of participants in a program within Drug Treatment Court use, or intend to use, mindful stress relief techniques

The Latest Evidence-Based Research

  • After just 8-weeks of mindfulness-programming, participants increased self-awareness and decreased cravings for drugs and/or alcohol (Bowen et al., 2014)


  • Yoga has been demonstrated to help alleviate chronic pain for individuals with substance use disorders and provides an alternative coping strategy (Lutz et al., 2019)

Rooted in an Established Trauma-Sensitive Methodology

  • The inter-relationship between trauma and substance-use disorders is complex. Researchers recognize the importance of incorporating trauma-informed systems and approaches into recovery treatment services to facilitate healing from traumatic experiences to sustain a lifelong recovery (VandeMark et al., 2004)


  • Participants of a trauma-sensitive yoga program reported improved connection with their bodies, a sense of ownership and more control over their thoughts, emotions and feelings (Rhodes, 2015)

We are committed to evaluating our Recovery programs to better understand the benefits of our offerings to participants.

Our Program Evaluation for Recovery is coming soon!