Much of our Recovery work at the Transformation Yoga Project (TYP) happens within substance use and mental health treatment settings. I am humbled to be one of many dedicated TYP instructors offering trauma-sensitive practices that can help folks find a home in their own bodies, and tap into their innate resilience – just as my yoga practice has done for me. Our sessions throughout these different private spaces can be simultaneously challenging and uplifting, full of grief and gratitude, happiness and heartbreak; and yet through it all, I am constantly reminded of our interconnectedness, and desire to be seen and met exactly where we are.

When dreaming up ways to honor SAMHSA’s 30th Anniversary of National Recovery Month and celebrate the amazing people we serve, our TYP Recovery team set out with what seemed like an intimidating goal – finding partners in the community to help us host 30 donation-based public yoga classes in 30 days, to support our Yoga for Recovery programming. In the end, the response was surprising, overwhelming and nothing short of inspiring.

Our “30 for 30” goal culminated in 31 community partnerships across the five-county Greater Philadelphia region, Lancaster, Northeastern PA, New Jersey, and Delaware. Over 400 people attended 63 donation-based classes, and countless others contributed, offered support and participated.

While the numbers and figures for the Month are impressive, the potency of this month revealed itself in other ways.

The impact of creating a calendar where nearly every day there was an accessible offering.

The opportunity to experience the transformative power of moving and breathing in community, with skillful, compassionate instructors holding space.

The ability to bring conversations of substance use, mental health disorders and recovery out of the fringes.

The quiet yet mighty reminder of the deep connection between our personal healing and our collective liberation.

The roots of Recovery Month spread far and wide, and on behalf of our TYP team, I offer my deepest gratitude to you all.

30 for 30 Thank You Flip Graphic copy.jpg

To our community partners and instructors – thank you for stepping up and opening your doors and hearts to TYP and our mission. Thank you for your enthusiasm and care in sharing Recovery Month with your communities, and lovingly welcoming new folks in. Thank you for continuing to grow our calendar even until the final days of the month. Thank you for holding space for conversation and transformation, one breath at a time. Even now I am still discovering all the ways, big and small, that each and every one of you combined intention, action and, most importantly, love to make Recovery Month as amazing as possible. Know that your support is a lasting source of inspiration and motivation for me and the entire TYP team as we continue to work towards healing for all.

To everyone who attended and supported – thank you for contributing during the Month to ensure that our work at TYP can continue. Thank you for encouraging your loved ones to experience a class, some for the first time ever. I’ve heard from many of you who attended classes during September about the affirming power of being in a yoga setting where recovery was spoken about openly, and moving with intention with others. Know that your voice and presence matters.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Our work at TYP is strengthened by the opportunities to connect with you all so profoundly during Recovery Month and we hope that this connection continues. Please feel free to reach out at any time to talk with us about our work, your ideas and how we can continue to be in community together.