Nearly everyone – individuals, families, and communities – has been affected by either substance use or mental health disorders in some way. Two-thirds of all families will be touched by Substance Use Disorders in their lifetime. 1 in 5 people will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime.

Yet despite the universality of this suffering, there is stigma attached to both substance use and mental health disorders. As a result, people often feel isolated & alone and this only makes their recovery journey more challenging. Community and connection, on the other hand, foster healing, both individually and collectively. 

Our Recovery and Behavioral Health Services offer our trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga within treatment centers to provide a supportive and welcoming space for people in recovery to explore connection in two ways.

First, to themselves – by introducing embodied practices to people in treatment as a tool. In our programs, they get the chance to explore their bodies & minds, through gentle, breath-centered movement and guided meditation. They also get to experience connection to others. Yoga is a shared practice and we believe a community can be built around anywhere your feet land. 

Strong communities make for strong recovery. This year during September’s Recovery Month, the devotion, strength and care of our community was affirmed. We set out to host 30 accessible classes, to increase awareness, and to foster community connection. The response was overwhelming and affirmed what we already know – through community anything is possible.

We’re so grateful to have witnessed our communities step up to support one another and shine a light on this difficult process that so many that we know and love are going through. We’re asking you to please give a donation to our year end fundraising campaign as extensions of this love and support. When you donate today, you’ll be giving directly to our Recovery and Behavioral Health programming. 

The money raised during our Annual Campaign could go to support the expansion of the community based Recovery In Community groups. These community based groups are an extension of our Recovery Month celebration as a way to continue providing a continuum of care for people in recovery.

They are launching in Delaware County in 2020 thanks to a small grant from Lululemon to support the development and launch of the program. With additional funds, we can launch similar sessions in each county surrounding the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Kicking off our Annual Campaign, we are campaigning and bringing awareness to our Justice programs and the people we serve within and throughout them. As we look step closer to our goal of $50,000, please consider making a consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation today!