Dear TYP Community,

In keeping with our commitment to create connections and share knowledge with you all as we navigate this tough time, together, we will be offering opportunities to join TYP team members twice a day from now till April 1st online. Our intention is to provide you, and your loved ones (share with whomever!) two chances to connect with us everyday: a morning trauma-sensitive yoga practice and a mid-afternoon guided meditation. The morning class will be on Facebook Live and the afternoon will be on Zoom (see specific details below). 

We acknowledge that we are currently in a challenging, unprecedented time and that many of our fellow community members are working hard to reimagine their business/livelihood. Our intention is not to undercut the work that yoga studios and instructors and other wellness leaders are doing to provide classes and resources to their own communities. Please if you have the ability, commit to financially acknowledge the contributions of these individuals and groups. Instead, this is an offering based out of our recognition that we do not all have the ability to buy into packages or make a contribution at this time. We hope that this  temporary offering will support our broad community, leaving none forgotten, and provide access for anyone looking for a resource to connect to inner & collective resilience as we all overcome this adversity and grow stronger in doing so. 

Beginning Friday March 20th till April 1st, you are invited to join the TYP staff for:

  • 11:00 am daily: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Practice on our Facebook page. We’ll be using Facebook Live and the class will appear at the top of our page. You can also sign up to receive notifications from TYP as a gentle reminder. 
  • 3:00 pm daily: Guided Meditation and a chance to be in community and connect with one another. If you want to follow along please download the Zoom app. At 3pm, log-in, enter the meeting code: 317 334 6518. We will spend a few minutes with introductions and checking in with one another. A TYP team member will guide you all through a meditation beginning at approximately 3:15 pm. 

Every session will be facilitated by experienced TYP Team members. 

We recognize that we are in a very unpredictable time and so if anything changes with the schedule we will be sure to communicate it with you all. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the most up-to-date announcements about our offerings. 

We look forward to seeing you Friday at 11! 

Can’t join us? All of our Facebook Live sessions will be saved and available to view on Transformation Yoga Project’s Facebook Page for a certain time period. The recordings will also include closed captioning. The guided meditations within the Zoom sessions, if appropriate, may be shared in the future  – more details to follow.