I’m feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest. This is a blog post, it can get a little gushy, right? Here it goes…

There is an overwhelming feeling of honor and privilege that I have in working alongside the folks on my team. Sometimes I feel shocked that we all found each other in doing this work. My passion for Recovery runs deep, I am amazed every time I hear another person’s story or perspective, and how we are all impacted. The suffering that goes on behind closed doors is deeper than anyone would ever want to imagine. Our Yoga for Recovery team has come together to think of ways to serve and provide external support in community. To answer any questions and to make this September campaign easy to navigate. It was super fun to work on but it’s also a passion project.

When I get the opportunity to lend an ear on a call, or offer my advice to anyone on my team, I realize it is a humbling experience to just be a part of this larger collective. We set out for 30 donation classes, could we do it? We wanted to celebrate 30 years of Recovery Month. What if we don’t make it to 30 classes? I laughed and said that I would teach as many as I could to get us to the mark. But thanks to Nina Wong, we didn’t have to go that route. Nina created so many new connections and reconnected with many others along the way.

30 for 30 Whole Foods Sept 7-08.jpg

The yoga studio world is close and dear as that is where most of us got our start but the time to spend in a studio space becomes limited when embarking in a yoga service journey that takes us throughout many different spaces. A home practice becomes sacred. With Nina Wong taking on this mission to deeply connect TYP within the yoga studio community, we had no idea what the feedback would be. The generous and welcoming response is overwhelming. The thought and care and the number of “YES” responses we had collected is a true dream. This is a month-long fundraising effort unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It is a honor to watch it unfold.

The majority of the programming that we focus on offering as TYP is within institutions, our partnerships are in closed and private facilities. There are not many public discussions on the work we do inside as we strive to honor our participants and reflect on the conscious relationship of service. We are there holding space and providing group facilitation. The service in action is not a mystery, it’s an offering of privacy that is both lawful and ethical. As we fundraise to sustain and grow these programs, we reach out beyond these spaces to ask for support.

So here we go … the schedule is set and surprisingly still growing. We have 46 more classes and opportunities to celebrate Recovery during September! Let’s meet on our mats. Let’s see one another and be present with each other as we enter into these spaces. Let’s leave any pre-conceived ideas of what a class should look like behind. Let’s open our hearts and our minds to community based support and healing. Let’s try to be in a circle together and for one another. Let’s create space to feel truly safe and connected. I invite you to join us. All of the information can be found here. Reach out if you have any questions.

There are also two opportunities to practice with me this weekend:

Both classes will be offered with a trauma-aware lens and everyone is welcome! All donations are met with gratitude. Please bring a mat, wear something comfortable, and arrive early.

Thank you for your support of Transformation Yoga Project!