Young people have the capacity to lead change with compassion and love for our communities. But many challenges are placed in their way.

Unfortunately, today they are not equally offered supportive and safe spaces to learn, grow and thrive. We recognize the impact of the school-to-prison pipeline on our youth in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our services are one small part of re-imagining ways in which young people can connect to their inner resilience and cultivate their strengths.

Pennsylvania has the third highest student arrests in the nation. Students with disabilities in PA – especially Black and Latinx boys – are more likely to be arrested, and Black girls are five times more likely to be arrested in PA schools than white girls.

Also, our state’s schools lack proper guidance for all students. Almost 1 in 4 PA public school students attend schools with police but no nurse, psychologist, social worker or counselor, and 90% of Pennsylvania students attend schools without enough counselors.

The ALCU recommends schools to have one counselor for every 250 students. Pennsylvania’s ratio, doesn’t come close to meeting this, with only one for every 380 students.

Students are less likely to misbehave, including criminal behavior, in schools that have inclusive social climates. Yet when the schools focus more on policing, they lack the necessary social and emotional well-being resources and students of color as well as those with disabilities are affected disproportionately.

TYP Youth Services offer tools that support young people’s wellbeing, creativity, resilience, self-determination, and self-efficacy so they can be their fullest selves and engage meaningfully in their communities. Every child and young person deserves equitable access to tools that support physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Our Youth Services play one small part in creating a caring, supportive environment for young people to be themselves, learn tools and practices to support their resilience and wellbeing, and connect.

From our weekly classes in school-based settings, to our workshops and trainings for educators, counselors, and other front-line staff working directly with young people, we strive to support their full capacity to carry forward the future we all need and deserve.

2019 Highlights for TYP Youth Programming
  • Hosted second Trauma-Sensitive Youth Teacher Training
  • First year of partnership with Collegium Charter School serving 5th and 6th grade students
  • Return to Bywood for second year of programming
  • Third year at Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center
  • Fourth year at Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center
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As we can see from these challenges that exist today, we aren’t always practicing a just and healed future in our current treatment of young community members.

But there are incredible organizations, many led by young folks, working to shape a more just, healed, caring community for all of us. We are heartened by their work and strive to serve as best we can within this broader tapestry of efforts by offering spaces for young people to be themselves, learn tools and practices to support their resilience and wellbeing, and connect. Here’s a list of organizations we are proud to work alongside who share a larger mission in youth services:

By offering spaces for young people to be themselves and connect to themselves and others, we are supporting their capacity and potential and practicing compassion and care in real time together. We truly believe today’s young activists can lead love.

Consider how giving a donation creates a ripple effect – by extending love and support to others and programming that a driven by connection and healing, liberation and justice. Part of the money raised during our Annual Appeal will go to fund a Yoga Teacher Training in 2020!

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