TYP Director of Justice and Reentry Services Brianne Murphy spoke with Marc Hayford on his “Get Up Power Hour” Radio Show on WCHE 1520 The Talk of Chester County. The two discussed the power of language, using mantras for anxiety, accountability to create healing, and much more.

Listen to the full interview here.

Here are some highlights from Bri’s interview:

“Most of the time I use mantra throughout the day, which is a repeated phrase that I’ll say — something that is meaningful to me or something that is sacred to me, or is sacred to others and has been passed down. Mantra has definitely been the biggest impact in mental health because I have the type of anxiety that will fixate on an idea that causes anxiety, so it will sit there, and so when I was in school, I felt like I didn’t know who I was and couldn’t trust this idea of who I thought that I was.”

“The Justice Advisory Committee is a new group that our most recent graduates inside of SCI-Phoenix we formed together. It’s some of our staff members as well as people who are serving long-term sentences or shorter sentences inside of the institution.

I was fortunate enough to get some insight from them, and some of it is really from a colleague of ours, Bobby LaBarr. Some of it is talking about how challenging it can be to be in the trenches because you’re constantly balancing the pressures to be able to speak truth to power and live your truth as a community and as individuals, but also understand the systems that you’re living inside of and working within.

Another Charles, he was speaking a lot about his personal experience and relationship to sitting face to face in front of the people who were harmed by the reason that he’s there, and how this really creates this place where you have nowhere left to go but to sit with that truth and what possibilities open up for you, in terms of your impact, when you face that and when you sit there inside of that. He’s really talked a lot about how sharing our stories, our personal stories, can be some of the most impactful things when we start to choose not to forget people, like choose actively not to forget people and to continue to humanize.

And I love this from Yahya, a quote from Mumia Abu Jamal: ‘Struggles exist. Alternatives exist. Struggle to connect to imagine ourselves better; to imagine a better world; to take responsibility day by day, step by step; to change the small things that we can control, and refusing to accept the larger things that appear out of control.’ That’s from Live from Death Row.

Like I said, and another JAC member Stan has reinforced, that this is really a local issue, so there are Senate bills, House bills that are present right now that we can really take the reins on. Senate Bill 942, House Bill 135. Check them out. Learn about them.”