Empowered people. Connected minds. Transformed lives.

Transformation Yoga Project is committed to increasing access to trauma-sensitive yoga among communities impacted by trauma, addiction, and incarceration.

Transformation Yoga Project will be sunsetting at the end of 2022 and dispersing its assets to national and local organizations that promote mindfulness-based yoga practices proven to build resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Please read our announcement here.

Since 2013, Transformation Yoga Project has provided in-person trauma-sensitive yoga classes to persons impacted by trauma, substance use disorders and incarceration throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. In addition to offering classes at prisons, reentry centers, in-patient recovery centers, sober living homes, juvenile detention centers, foster care residences and alternative schools, TYP’s trainings have educated hundreds of area yoga instructors, educators, social workers, and therapists about trauma’s impact on the body and the proven benefits of yoga to build resilience.  TYP’s earliest classes were offered to veterans in Coatesville, and as word spread, we expanded our partnerships to include 65 institutions, among them, the Philadelphia Office of Addiction Services, the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, the PA State Correctional Institutions at Phoenix and Chester, Crozier Medical Center, The Kirkbride Center for behavioral health, Baylor (DE) State Correctional Institution, Delaware Psychiatric Center, and several area schools. TYP received national recognition for its pioneering 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, a six-month study of yoga and practices that provided teaching certification to men residing at State Correctional Institutions Chester and Phoenix. 

TYP’s core vision and values are enumerated on our website, centering on our belief in the unlimited potential inherent in all individuals and communities: 

  • We believe in people.
  • We believe in the unlimited capacity of individuals and the radical possibilities of community.
  • We envision liberation, justice, and compassion for each of us and all of us together.

Latest News from Transformation Yoga Project

May 10, 2021: Please take a moment to read about our recent announcement on our decision to release our remaining assets to fund national and local organizations that will continue our mission of furthering trauma-sensitive yoga classes, mindfulness, and training.

December 20, 2020: Transformation Yoga Project elects Nicole Anderson as Board President, replacing Founder Michael Huggins. View Nicole’s bio here.

April 2020: Transformation Yoga Project donates $30,000 to Philadelphia-based organizations providing front-line support during the Covid19 crisis.

February 2020: TYP releases its 2019 Annual Report. Highlights include: 24,000 participants in attendance, 3,300 classes throughout Greater Philadelphia and Delaware, 65 program partners, over 500 donors, a 10-person team and a roster of 59 dedicated contract instructors.


Nicole Anderson, Board President

Mike Huggins, Founder