A wonderful part of becoming a Transformation Yoga Project instructor is the opportunity to observe other instructors who have been teaching trauma-sensitive yoga with us for a while.  These instructors have amazing skills, and insightful experiences to share.  We require all applicants to observe some of these classes to see first-hand how the training you have undergone translates on the mat.  It also offers you a great chance to ask our instructors questions and gain more knowledge.   This helps us ensure that you are prepared for any difficult situations you may encounter, and have the understanding you need to lead a trauma-sensitive class. 

To facilitate your observations, you will find below a calendar that displays current Transformation Yoga Project classes where applicants can observe qualified, experienced TYP instructors leading trauma-sensitive classes.  Please click on the classes you would like to observe and email the instructor listed on that date to set up your observation.

After you have completed your observations, you will have a chance to discuss your experience with the TYP staff member assisting you with your application.  They will work with you to set up a time and location where you will teach a trauma-sensitive class and be shadowed by one of our instructors.  We will provide you with feedback and work with you on the next steps to teaching one of our classes.

We are so grateful for your commitment and dedication to this long process, and appreciative of your understanding that we all have a sincere passion for making sure our classes are offered at the highest caliber.  Thank you!