Ever since we became a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization growth and change have been a constant. We have expanded both our reach, serving more and more people each year, and our programming, by offering a diverse number of trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based services throughout the greater Philadelphia and Delaware area. As we have grown, we felt the need to change our logo to reflect our evolution. We’re extremely grateful for Juan Plaza, of Red Thinking, who took the time to listen and learn about our work and to create something that really captures our mission. We enjoyed the collaborative process thoroughly. Our TYP team members share their interpretation of our new logo’s meaning -

July 2019 -5.png

Katy Kopnitsky -

“I think if I chose one thing about the evolution of our logo/representation that I’m most excited about it would be a move away from a representation that was very tied to a particular expression of the physical component of yoga toward a logo that feels more broad and open. We strive to practice and share more than just asana or physical postures, so I’m excited about a logo that feels freer, broader, and almost invokes a sense of multitudes, possibility, or expansion.”

Brianne Murphy -

“This logo represents community, a moving inward to move outward. It represents connection and support. It brings us away from the narrative that yoga is asana, and connects more deeply to the heart of this practice. Together, we are capable of dreaming bigger and better. Together, we change the world.”

Nicole Breen -

“While this may appear to be a small image to others, to me, the new TYP logo represents unification, collaboration, and peace. This new logo and evolution of our organization has been a thoughtful process bringing us all together even more strongly as a team and a family. It was truly humbling and beautiful to be a part of it. I work with kind, intelligent, and passionate people - what a gift!”

Nina Wong -

“To me this logo represents unfolding to the unlimited, radical possibilities that are within us, as individuals and in community. When I see this logo, I think not just of the brilliant unfolding of the lotus, but of what lies underneath - the depths from which we all rise, and the resilience of our roots.”

Kate Ferris -

“I love our new logo because it shows what we do. We provide opportunities for people connect to their center - awaken their inner strength and build / surround themselves with community… Our logo starts with the self - the innermost layer being a centered-person, in upward salute, firmly rooted like mountain pose, but arms overhead - to awaken their mind and energize their body. The warm rings surrounding the center show the support of community - family, friends, colleagues, and even passerbys - that is so necessary to support us and lift us up during our lifes journeys.”

Anna Henderer -

“Our new logo is much more dynamic than our previous one. Though the image of the Warrior 2 pose in our old logo showed strength and stability, it felt limiting. This new logo can be interpreted in many different ways. It is full of possibilities. Sometimes I see the subtle image of a person in extended mountain pose surrounded by layers of support; other times I see more of a lotus flower, sometimes I think of a drop in water creating ripples of change. I think it resonates with the work we do because we adapt and truly seek to meet people where they are. We provide them a chance to be in communtiy and learn accessible tools and techniques to support their wellbeing.”

Connor Fogel -

“When I see this logo, I think of TYP’s three program focuses — recovery, justice, and youth. The logo’s three lines represent growth and progress through learning and practice.”

Colleen DeVirgiliis -

“As our organization continues to evolve and grow, our new logo reflects our intention to cultivate community in the places we serve...the circle is a powerful symbol as it reflects equality, the balance found in nature, and continuity of our work...there is no beginning and no end.”

What do you see when you look at our new logo? Feel free to comment and add your voice.