Here are some ways to create mindful moments throughout your day:

Mindful Eating

Eating is an activity we do several times throughout the day to nourish ourselves. How often do you do it while you are distracted- either watching tv, reading something, rushing? I do it, too, because well life…. But, I’m setting an intention to slow down and eat more mindfully.

With your next meal, I invite you to be really present. Experience the flavor, texture, temperature, and try to really savor what you are eating. Try to take your time. Maybe even pause after each bite. When your mind leaves the experience, see if you can bring it back. Paying attention on purpose to experience of eating.

Perhaps you also use your time to cook a healthy meal to nourish yourself. I, personally, enjoy spending Sunday doing some meal prep to be prepared for my busy work week ahead. As I wash and chop vegetables, cook grains and meals, I try to be really present to the experience. Not only does it help leave me relaxed; but it also allows for a little less stressful week knowing I have food to provide me with the energy needed.

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Need some recipe inspiration?

Here are some favorite Sunday meal prep ideas from the TYP team:

  • Steel Cut Oats

    Make a big batch and then just reheat (or eat cold) and customize with whatever toppings you’d like - fresh fruits and berries, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and so on!

  • The “Stew”

    Double the recipe on this satisfying turmeric chick pea stew with collard greens and have lots of leftovers to serve with rice or quinoa throughout the week.

Mindful Walking

Take a stroll. As you walk, see if you can be really present to the journey and experience. Try to notice the ground beneath you as you take each step. Pay attention to your surroundings, notice your neighborhood- the houses or apartment buildings, trees, plants, other people passing by… Simply take the sights, sounds, smells and feels- using your senses to be in the moment.

One of my favorite sunday activities is to take a long walk to a coffee shop or cafe and try to wander there. Often, I just let myself be drawn to whaetever catches my attention along the walk. In doing so, I often discover little unqiue things about where I live that I miss when I’m busy rushing.

This is another practice that your can incorporate into your daily life - if you walk to work, or even throughout your home, maybe you try to be with the experience more by bringing awareness to the sensation of placing one foot on the ground and try to take it one step at a time.

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Mindful Expression

Get creative! Mindfulness can be anything that allows you to immerse yourself in the moment. Put some music on and dance around your house, sing, play an instrument, draw or doodle, work on a crafty project, like knitting or crochet! Whatever calls you, try to be with the experience and let your creativity flow, using it as a practice. Remember there is no right or wrong way to express yourself!

What’s your favorite way to be creative?

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