Shakur is an active and valued member of our community. He is a part of our Yoga Teacher Training at State Correctional Institute - Phoenix, where he is exploring how yoga and mindfulness can create joy and ease in his life and others.

He’s also invovled with four other orgnaizations that seek to build bridges that overcome the walls of prisons. He’s a true believer in the importance of support, whether it is through engaging youth, to preparing peers for the reentry process, to coordinating volunteers with the community within.

Here’s what Shakur had to share with us -

This is Shakur’s favorite motto. Words that he lives by and embodies. His loyalty to his community is felt and his desire to positively support makes an impact.

This is Shakur’s favorite motto. Words that he lives by and embodies. His loyalty to his community is felt and his desire to positively support makes an impact.

What groups/organizations are you involved with?

  • NAACP - Phoenix brach.

  • Real Street Talk - talking to at-risk youth about how to change their understanding concerning the culture of street crime. The ideology is to direct their behavior towards positive outcomes - with a focus on entrepreneurial success.

  • People Advancing Reintegration (PAR) - to reduce recidivism through (PHX) pre-eminent systematic reintegration process. Our innovative course is designed and led by qualified incarcerated citizens and dedicated volunteers. We advance our graduates successful re-entry into society by providing reliable community support as a standard PAR practice.

  • Resident Volunteer Corps (WFG) - our mission is to formalize and professionalize the volunteer effort. Our ethos is to work for good by engaging with others in concerning, helpful, respectful and genuine ways.

What inspires you?

Learning at least one thing each day to make me happy and others around me happy. Sometimes just a smile can make a difference in our lives.

What do you hope to inspire in others?

To look at each day as an experience of joy and happiness, and share these same feelings of joviality with others.

What would you like to share with the larger community?

That we survive through each others social cooperation of communal understanding of responsibilities, values, and morality.

What would you like to share with the younger folks?

History is a reflection of events that help us understand were we are now, and realization of our path leading into the future.

How has community shown up for you?

Given me a strong sense of values and moral principles to guide me through the course of life. No matter what path I chose to take - those were my choices - but the principles instilled in me from my community are ingrained for life.

How have you shown up for your community?

By not wavering in their principles in guiding each generation with the same values and moral as they gave me.

What, if anything, has YTT added to your sense of community?

It would be more appropriate to say; we work in a communal gathering to share experiences of comfort and ease from an ancient practice to help those achieve a sense of purpose of joy within the practice of spiritual, mindfulness and physical therapy.

Learn more about our Yoga Teacher Training on StartSomeGood. If you feel connected, or compelled, to support the individuals as they become certified yoga teachers, please make a pledge! A ripple effect of transformation happens when we realize were all connected and can share in healing.