Stan Rosenthal is a part of our 200 - hour Yoga Teacher Training at State Correctional Institute - Phoenix. In addition, Stan is involved with many other organizations including: Lifers, Inc., National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, LACEO, Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration (CADBI), Decarcerate PA, Inside/Out, Mural Arts, and the Jewish Congregation.

Stan wanted to share and connect with you all, our community, in order to help build a bridge that transcends separation between people who are incarcerated and those on the outside. Here is what Stan had so say -

What inspires you?

Identifying a need and trying to strategize ways to meet that need.

Bloom-13 copy.png

What would you like to share with the larger community?

Different messages from different communities.

What would you like to share with younger folks?

It is easier to do the right thing while young. Don’t use drugs while your brain is developing. There are natural ways to expand your mind, drugs only inhibit thought & creativity.

How has community shown up for you?

No US citizen navigates life without community involvement. More often than not, if I participate & contribute to a community, they are supporters of my efforts. For example, the Jewish community (that I am a part of) has been volunteering since the days of Eastern Penitentiary (when it was being used actively to incarcerate individuals).

How have you shown up for your community?

I have held office in our Jewish community of and on for 31 years. I have always filled the void when no one volunteered for a task or position. I maintain contact & involvement with the men inside and the volunteers outside.

What if anything has YTT added to your sense of community?

Now that I am forced to be free of administrative tasks I am thankful to be free at the perfect time to participate in the training. I am extremely fortunate to be able to be proactive & learn yoga w/my yoga family: Bri, Colleen, Jim, Frank & Mike.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?

I’m too free spirited to be guided by a favorite quote or motto. Life is fluid and my favorite quotes/mottos change according to what is happening in my life at that time.

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Thank you for supporting people who are incarcerated as they learn tools and techniques that can help them transform their lives but also their communities as well! Together, we can all make a difference.