Bobby LaBarr is one of the 25 individuals in our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at State Correctional Institute - Phoenix.

In addition to YTT, Bobby is a part of at least 5 other organizations on the inside including: Inside/Out, Let’s Circle Up (LCU), Alternative to Violence Project (AVP), Right to Redemption (R2R), and Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration (CADBI). He’s contributing to his community in many ways, including reframing what we consider to be justice, especially in terms of our youth.

Bobby agreed to answer a few self-reflection questions for Justice Month to be shared in order to increase awareness and facilitate a conversation with our community. He’s felt “comfortable right from the beginning…. and not afraid to take risks,” during YTT. We are so grateful that our paths have crossed and we have this opportunity to lean from one another.

Here’s what Bobby had to say:

This is Bobby’s motto - the words that he lives by.

This is Bobby’s motto - the words that he lives by.

What inspires you?

My Faith, My Family, My Freedom, and the Liberation of all those I come into contact with

What do you hope to inspire in others?

I hope to help people realize their gifts and talents and to use those talents in proactive healthy ways for the benefit of everyone.

What would you like to share with the larger community?

I’m forever indebted to the community I come from for the harm I committed against it. I want and will go back to South Philly to provide workshops and resources to people who I see as once being in their shoes.

What would you like to share with younger folks?

I’m in the midst of creating a diversionary program for the Philly DA’s office where young people are sent to this program pre-charge. So I’m going to continue to create avenues for young people to educate themselves before they make mistakes.

How has community shown up for you?

I’ve experienced community through getting help with things I’m just learning. Also, I’ve met people for the first time and have gotten to know.

How have you shown up for your community?

I believe I have been present physically and mentally. I’ve contributed to participation and doing the work. I have also tried to help people with some of the things I have learned.

What if anything has YTT added to your sense of community?

YTT has made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. They make you feel not afraid to take risks and encouraged me to feel like there are no mistakes.

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