We are about a month into our 200-hour Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at State Correctional Institute - Phoenix. 25 individuals who are incarcerated are diving deep into studying not only the asana (the yoga poses) and breathing practices so that they can facilitate yoga classes both within and throughout their communities; but they are also exploring the ethical and moral practices and how they might apply to their lives. Their enthusiasm for learning is contagious!

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March is Justice Awareness Month. Our social media features the voices of YTT.

We asked the YTT to reflect on what inspires them. Inspiration is what helps us awaken to new possibilities. Inspiration is often what helps us, individually, transcend our ordinary experiences and our own perceived limitations. Given the often oppresive nature of incarceration, reflecting on inspiration can help change perception of one’s capabilities! Our YTT is an intentional centering of those we serve. It is a recognition of their strength, gifts, and potential, and a commitment to our community.

Here’s what they had to share -

My Faith, My Family, My Freedom, and the Liberation of all those I come into contact with” - Bobby LaBarr

“Connecting with the ‘larger’ of life facets” - Bob

I’m inspired by tenacity. By those that challenge and overcome the odds before them to become better beings for themselves as well as for mankind as a whole. I am inspired by the tenaciousness of the yogis and ancients for pushing the illusion of limitations. It is my hope and wish to inspire others to a health conscious way of life, to challenge the boundaries of limitation illusions to love and compassion towards all sentient beings.

To my sisters and brothers of the world, strive for love and compassion. All are redeemable. No matter one’s past failures, shortcomings, or mistakes. One can always rise above them and change their state of being, elevating their consciousness to create beneficial waves in this world that ripples through the universe. One’s errors should not totally dnin them. Ones recognizing their errors or overcoming them, elevating their consciousness and the world around them should. It is our duty to strive to improve daily, to be better today than we was yesterday. “ - 3GP

“Identifying a need and trying to strategize ways to meet that need.” - Stan Rosenthal

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What inspires you?

Perhaps, if you feel inspired by the men who are currently studying trauma-sensitive yoga at Pennsylvania’s newest Correctional Insititution, you’ll support their education by making a pledge to contribute to the cost of their training. Visit StartSomeGood and learn about #Training2TransformJustice