We are so excited to announce the release of our new book Yoga for Recovery: A Practical Guide for Healing, written by our Founder, Michael Huggins, and Andrew Moore, a graduate of one of our 200-hour Inside/Out Yoga Teacher Trainings at SCI-Chester. The book was written to help individuals in recovery maintain a home-based yoga practice, while utilizing a set of yoga and mindfulness based exercises proven to support their recovery journey. 

We wanted to give you an exclusive, sneak peek look inside the book and share with you how it can be used to create your own personal self-care practice.

Yoga for Recovery: A Practical Guide for Healing features the following sections:

  • Theory and philosophy of yoga

    • Included within the book is a brief introduction into the origins of yoga, as well as, an explanation of some the philosophies behind this ancient healing practice.

  • Information on addiction and trauma and how yoga supports recovery

    • The book describes the effect of addiction and trauma on our bodies and our minds and explains how yoga helps.

      “The physical and meditative practice of yoga gives us the capacity to stay in the present moment and not live in our past traumas, perceived failures or expectations for the future.”

  • How to create a practice

    • Yoga is much more than just stretching. In this section, the book describes the five components of a yoga practice so you can feel confident in creating a well-rounded one at home.

  • Breathing techniques

    • Simple breathing practices are provided that have been shown to support recovery and improve well-being.

  • Yoga poses

    • Illustrations and descriptions of trauma-sensitive yoga poses are included in the book in order for you to practice them with ease and understanding at your home or wherever you might want to do some yoga.


Airplane Pose

Yoga for Recovery features an illustration for every pose offered.

  • Yoga practices

    • Three full length practices (including a chair yoga practice, as well as, a beginner and intermediate ones) are described in the book.

    • There are also a shorter sequences to follow and adapt in order to create your own home practice out of the many possibilities.

  • Meditations

    • A few simple mindfulness practices are provided to help end your yoga practice or whenever you might feel the need to become more present and release stress. .

The book can be purchased on Amazon now by clicking here!

Buy your copy today for yourself or even for a loved one.