Recovery from addictions or traumatic experiences is often challenging. The risk of relapse can be as high as 60% because of stress levels and lack of resources to help people cope with daily pressures. 

Researchers have found that yoga is an evidence-based intervention to relieve stress. Here are just a few studies that have found how #YogaHeals: 

  • A study that enrolled a group of women, who were experiencing emotional distress, found that participation in a three month yoga program significantly reduced their perceived stress (Michalsen et al 2005).

  • A systematic review of 12 out of 17 studies of yoga found positive changes in psychological or physiological outcomes related to stress - suggesting that yoga appears to be a very promising modality for stress reduction (Sharma et al 2013).

  • A randomized controlled study of a yoga program offered to individuals in reentry, who also had substance abuse disorders, found the group who participated in yoga had less stress and less substance abuse than the control (Wimberly et al 2018). 

How do TYP's Yoga for Recovery classes reduce stress? 

TYP’s trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga improves individual’s stress response system by decreasing the “fight, flight or freeze response” and increasing the relaxed, normal state of “rest and digest,” even after just one class.

Our classes teach people basic breathing techniques, yoga poses and meditations that people can use as healthier ways to deal with tension and frustration during their recovery.

What are some yoga poses to practice at home to reduce stress and support recovery? 

Here are a few of our favorite poses that are said to soothe the nervous system and promote deep relaxation: 

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