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I have not personally struggled through an addiction, but at times my life was chaotic due to growing up with a parent who fell into the downward spiral of addiction. I feel compelled to share how losing my father and experiencing countless people struggle with substance abuse was a catalyst for my own personal growth and healing.

After my father lost his battle, I experienced some dark times; I felt overwhelmed with a sense of heaviness. There were days that I didn’t even want to leave my apartment – and I was living a mile from a beautiful beach and the Pacific Ocean at the time.

My idea of someone hitting rock bottom was extreme after watching my dad’s struggles; I needed healing for the emotional scrapes and bruises I picked up along the way.  Somehow, I always made my way to a yoga mat, especially when there was a string of consistently hectic events in my life. Over the course of twelve years of practice, my yoga mat was the one place I could land to find clarity. I didn’t know the Sanskrit words, I barely knew alignment, but I knew when I woke up from my post yoga class nap lying on the floor, in a shape ironically known as corpse pose, I felt alive. I felt different. Lighter. Better equipped to deal with every day life and decisions – big and small.

One of my favorite things I have ever heard has to do with how we feel when living in the present:  If you are depressed, you are stuck in the past; feeling anxious, you are focused on the future. When at peace, you are present. That was it for me. I choose peace and I choose to be present. The practice of yoga helps. The physical practice was certainly a gateway for me. It led me to my spiritual reconnection with non-denominational GOD consciousness; GOD (Great Omnipotent Divine), as taught to me by my dear teacher Susan.

A yoga class can offer tools to clear your mind, to heal your body, and to enliven your soul. That is something for everyone. In service, we can make the practice truly accessible for everyone. Please reach out to me at any time if you want to offer a donation based yoga class to your community and we can work together to spread the mission of Transformation Yoga Project. Imagine, maybe we can all feel a little lighter after rolling out a mat.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”


Nicole Breen

TYP Community Partnerships Manager

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Nicole believes in the power of yoga. Raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Nicole connected to the spiritual aspect of yoga in college. After graduating from La Salle University, Nicole had 12 years of experience working in the media and entertainment field. There was always a deep connection for her after a practice on the mat. Nicole made changes in her life by studying the deeper meanings of yoga to understand this connection; a personal journey discovering how to heal, to learn to live in the present and to live without pain. Nicole utilizes her communication and marketing background to enliven her dharma of helping others find their path. Nicole completed her first 200 hours of training with One-Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered school in Wilmington, DE; she is currently working towards completing her 500 hour certification.