While yoga has been around for centuries, its popularity has only recently flourished worldwide. Perhaps this is due to the scientific community showcasing evidence that the benefits we always felt were real are, in fact, real. Discoveries such as this have piqued the interest of millions of people across the globe. The transformative power of yoga is beginning to ripple into every corner of the planet.

So what are the benefits yoga provides? If you're a newcomer to the world of yoga, you'll most likely want to know what it can do for you and your current life circumstances. In this post, we aim to uncover some of the most influential and transformational attributes yoga can reveal in your life.

Yoga Can Provide Physical Health Benefits

First of all, let's explore the obvious. Yoga clearly has a profound effect on the physical body, improving muscle strength and tone, flexibility, physical balance, cardiovascular and circulatory health. Yoga also helps prevent injury and increases energy levels. If you want to get in shape, yoga is certainly a fierce contender among the methods you can use to achieve the physique you desire.

However, what you will find with yoga is that it changes the body in a peaceful, rejuvenating and calm manner. With the many forms of this fitness style, physical benefits almost become a byproduct of everything that yoga transfers into your life when you begin practicing it regularly. For those who don't enjoy vigorous exercise such as running or aerobics, yoga offers a tranquil and spiritual approach that can be far more fruitful for the mind, body and spirit.


Yoga Can Improve Your Wellness and Mental Health

Yoga calms and focuses the mind on the body and the breath. Through dissolving all negative thoughts by combining mindfulness with yoga, one can broaden his awareness of who and what he really is. When this happens, stress and illusory perceptions of oneself disintegrate as the mind is left quiet. Only then can one free himself from the mental prison created within his mind through negative past conditioning.

Yoga is a mindful practice, and when we place our awareness and attention on our breath and movements fully, we take our experiences to a much deeper and more meaningful level. If you feel disconnected and unattached with nature, yoga is one of the most effective systems you can learn to anchor you back into reality. This reality opens a pathway to compassion, love, positivity and a way of life that makes you feel connected to the whole.

Yoga Can Transform You

Ask people who have taken yoga seriously in their lives; they will all tell you the same thing: Yoga altered their existence in a positive and nourishing way. When you practice with qualified and talented teachers, they will not only help you improve your physical health; they will invite you on a journey of self-discovery that only becomes more meaningful and satisfying as time goes on.

Yoga aligns the mind, body and spirit in such a way that allows us to reveal our true selves and nature. When this happens, we let go of anger, hatred, worries and limiting beliefs that stop us from tapping into our infinite potential. Fear is washed away, as we realize it's an illusion created by the mind. Our understanding of love, compassion and happiness changes because we learn that by loving ourselves, we can then care for all others in the most positive and healthy of manners.

Yoga Creates Purpose

After practicing yoga for a while, you'll begin reaping the many rewards it has to offer. As your life starts to change in a visibly positive manner, you'll start to feel the urge to tell your friends, family members and even strangers about it. It's no wonder the mystique that surrounds yoga has rippled throughout the world, as those who practice it can't help but talk about it wherever they go. 

This lifestyle choice starts off as a transformational tool for yourself, but what it evolves into is a circle of abundance that surrounds your life and everyone you encounter. It's hard to hold onto something so incredible and not to share it with the people you love and care about most. The stereotypical perception of yoga is that it's all about stretches and flexibility, and while such benefits are included in the practice, yoga is far more than that. It's something you live and breathe into every action of your day-to-day life, how you deal with obstacles and how you interact with yourself and others. Yoga is a lifestyle choice, one that offers never-ending bounty.


Faith Macanas

Faith Macanas

Faith is a blogger for Secure Thoughts who has practiced yoga for years and believes passionately in its transformative and healing powers. She loves spreading the benefits and attributes that it offers so others can experience the many wonders that make up the yogic lifestyle.