Facilitating yoga for juveniles in Delaware County's detention center at Lima on Tuesday mornings has been particularly rewarding this winter. One student in particular has served to stand out from the 30 or so we serve every week. "John", recently transferred upstate into a high security residential treatment facility, has kept in touch with us through his therapist. During his several month stay at Lima, this promising young man showed an innate knack for both asana and meditation practices. 

John's experience with Transformation Yoga Project was so profound that he felt compelled to testify about it in open court. The judge, encouraged by the positive changes in John's demeanor, expressed hope for our student to continue a yoga practice throughout his rehabilitation. John's therapist has reached out to us on his behalf in hopes of securing a mentorship / yoga teacher training scholarship upon his release back into the community. Thanks to strong support from our corporate sponsor Tula Software, we're working toward making John's dream a reality.

This is yet another example illustrating why teaching yoga to incarcerated teens is about so much more than the many physical benefits this beautiful practice provides. By sharing yoga with underserved populations, such as the kids at Lima, we're shining a beacon of light upon untapped potential. We're opening the door to heretofore unknown opportunities by way of interconnectedness. As for me, I couldn't be more grateful for the chance to be a part of John's journey. It's truly an honor to serve through Transformation Yoga Project within the criminal justice system.

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