As Director of Development for Transformation Yoga Project, my role is to think about the best ways to fund and implement programs by applying for grants, formulating fundraising events, etc. However, because yoga has been a force for transformation in my life, I’m drawn to and connected to TYP's mission on a deeper level. 

As part of my own personal yoga practice, I regularly attend a donation-based trauma-sensitive Transformation Yoga class at a local TYP partner studio. Through this practice, I have fostered a deeper connection to my own resiliency and capability. I have discovered balance and healing from the pain, fear, and anger that comes with being the daughter of an alcoholic.  

Through warrior poses, I find strength I did not feel before. Strength that was within me all along... but to which I wasn’t connected. Through opening poses, I release grief, anxiety, and worry which seeks to hold me back from attaining peace. Through quiet breath and meditation, no problem seems too big, no challenge insurmountable. When I clear my mind through the practice of yoga, the path to my dharma is revealed.

This deeper connection reflects an unconditional truth: we ALL have an inner strength – a cosmic power – a core being capable of incredible resilience and growth. We all have the capacity for love and kindness. We are all superheroes, each holding our own individual super powers. Through yoga and mindfulness, we unlock these powers to TRANSFORM into something incredible: Our True Self.  

We are all Yogi TRANSFORMERS. First we transform our own lives through the practice of yoga. Then we band together as a yoga community to become a force for good in the world. Yoga means union and when we unite, our strength multiplies. United together as a community, we can transform 10,000 lives impacted by trauma, addiction, and/or incarceration in 2017.

So, I call on all our Yogi TRANSFORMERS to unite with me and the entire yoga community during the month of November. Unite to share the transformative power of yoga. Unite to be a force for healing and connection in our world. Unite to reach 10,000 Lives!! 

To meet our goal we will raise $50,000. 

How many lives can you TRANSFORM?

1 life: $5

20 lives: $100

100 lives: $500

200 lives: $1000

1000 lives: $5,000

Will you join us?

Reach me, Lynn Rosenstock, at or 267-362-9216. 

Let me know if we can count you in!



 Lynn’s career centers on collaboratively engaging, evidence-based practices that help people returning from incarceration to find and follow their life’s path. She was drawn to TYP as a way to help people restore the connection between mind, body and soul, so they can have more peaceful, productive and meaningful relationships with their family, employers and community. Previously Lynn served as Director of Reentry Strategy & Outreach for the City of Philadelphia Office of Public Safety. She also founded and led the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition, a diverse network of government agencies, non-profits, and returning citizens working to improve reentry.

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