The parallels between yoga and recovery are many; profound and beautiful are these paths of healing. Yoga and recovery are both journeys to eternal truth and divine illumination. On my journey of truth illumination, incorporating both the spiritual principles of recovery and yoga, I have begun a process of unveiling the true nature of my heart and spirit. 

That is ultimately what Yoga, a Sanskrit word translating to the English word Unity, is all about. Unification. Unity of breath and movement. Unity of body and mind. Unity of our human held consciousness with Divine consciousness. This Unity is actually already present - separation is an illusion created by the ego mind. 

Through this beautiful practice I have learned these things not only on a mental level but these Truths are becoming a part of my every day perspective of who I am and what Life is all about. By becoming aware of the Life Force Energy that beats our Hearts and sends Breath through our lungs, I am realizing on ever deeper levels my true worth. By bringing attention to the Miracle of my body and the Life within it, I have begun to develop a friendly relationship with my body and mind; where at one time in my Life all I wanted to do was escape myself. 

Yoga as a complimentary healing modality to recovery offers many useful tools. Tools such as re-association with mind and body where disassociation has occurred due to surviving trauma. Mindfulness techniques serve to bring the mind into the here and now. Over time, it becomes natural to live in a reality-centered state rather than the utilizing the no longer necessary survival mechanism of fantasy-centered living. 

Through my personal practice of Yoga, both on and off the mat, as well as the opportunity and great honor to share this practice and journey with my beautiful students, my Life is filled with Love and Inspiration to be present for myself and others. My purpose on this planet is unfolding... step by step and limb by limb. 

-  Melissa Ann Hood-March - RYT-200