On one of the first warm evenings of the spring, electing to observe and take notes rather than participate, I attended my last required Teacher Training class at The Light Within Yoga Studio. As the sun set and the studio darkened, there was a moment in time that almost defies description. 

All of the corner lamps dimmed, the entire student body splayed out in a deeply relaxed restorative twist, Alison Donley perching gracefully upon a bolster in the center of the room. Her face in profile, softly illuminated by the twinkling strands of lights strung along the window frames. Breathing and stillness surrounding her as she silently surveys each of her pupils individually. Seemingly scanning with the keen eyes of experience, exuding cool confidence and warm heartedness simultaneously. 

Although she would surely balk at the term, in that split second- to me- she was a true guru; the human embodiment of yoga. I looked upon her with love and gratitude as she looked upon others with love and gratitude. Thus the circle was complete. 

Would that I could have had a camera to capture the rapture of this magic moment. Would that I could reflect it back to Alison, my most humble and beloved teacher. Oh, if she could only see the beauty of the light within her penetrating the darkness and reaching out to embrace everyone around her! 

Then again, I fear neither image, nor imagery, could do it due justice. Maybe you had to BE there. Thankfully, I was.